Data Security

The electronic payments industry is closely regulated when it comes to data security, which only makes sense as it manages and transmits sensitive, personal, and financial data. The purpose of the regulations is to protect all parties in the electronic payments chain (i.e., cardholders, merchants, processors, and banks) from security breaches that can result in identity theft and fraud. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) sets the standard for maintaining the highest level of security measures and controls to protect sensitive data. CMS makes security a priority and completes an annual PCI DSS certification to ensure we are diligent in remaining compliant with all government and industry regulations.

In as much, CMS strives to assist all of our merchants in protecting customer data in today’s technology driven world. Our PCI DSS Compliance Program is designed to evaluate how your business secures cardholder data, protecting you and your business from data breaches. The certification evaluates a merchant’s ability to

  • protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information until it is destroyed
  • protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of sensitive information
  • protect against unauthorized use of sensitive information that could result in harm to someone

Information about our PCI DSS program to enroll and start your security questionnaire will be sent separately.

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