Attention: This article will include a statement example that will not represent your personal merchant account statement.

The merchant statement is where you can find the fees associated with the merchant account.  The statement is mailed through the United States Postal Services within the first week of every month to the mailing address associated with the merchant account.  You can also get a digital copy of your statement by logging into your Nexio account.  If you do not have a Nexio account call into our Customer Support team at 1(877)267-4324 to have an account created.  If you need your account password reset you can call into our Customer Support team at 1(877)-267-4324 or see the article "Nexio, Reset Password" here in the knowledge base. 

To get a digital copy of your statement, log into your Nexio account and select the "Statement" tab under the menu section on the left of the screen. A list of available months will be displayed including an icon to download a copy of the statement associated with that month.  

Once downloaded, you will find a header including your business name, business address, processing month, etc.  The header will also have a quick look at the amount deducted from the bank account associated with the merchant account.  In the example we will provide below the total deduction is $309.12.

The first section underneath the header is the "Plan Summary".  This section will have a break down of the number of sales, amount of sales, amount of credits, net amount, average ticket(s) and discount due associated with each card brand.

The "Deposits" section follows the Plan Summary.  This section will provide details about the deposit and settlement for each day during the month.  It includes a table with sections such as the Reference Number, Transaction Code, Number of Sales, Amount of Sales, Settled Batches, etc.  

A Plan Code will also be listed on each page associated with the different tables. This is provided to assist with the definitions for each area that includes a table, such as the Deposits section.  This list may change or be updated dependent on updates received from the card brands or back end processor.

The "Fees" will follow the Deposits and Plan Code. The fees are divided into the Authorization Fees, Interchange Fees, Transaction Fees and Card Brand Fees.  

For an example, the below has the authorization fees totaling $.10 per occurrence.  This represents the amount of times a merchant authorized a card for a sale or refund transaction.  In this example the merchant authorized 82 transactions totaling $8.20. 

The Interchange Fees are the fees that are passed onto the card brands for processing those cards.  These fees can vary depending on what card type you run through a merchant account.  In the example below you can see the total Interchange Pass Through costs are $237.88.

The Transaction Fees represent a communication fee that is sent during each time a batch is submitted for settlement.  In our example the Batch Fee is $.10 cents with a total of 26 batches submitted for settlement.  The total costs in this example were $2.60.

The Card Brand Fees are some of the hard costs for processing the credit cards.  These fees can include things such as processing international cards, business cards, Card Not Present, Swiped cards, etc.  In our example below we find the total Card Brand Fees to be $48.59.  A further definition of the card brand fees can be found here at "Fee Definition".

It is possible that additional fees will be applied in the following section of "Other Fees".  These fees would be miscellaneous fees such as a monthly statement fee, Regulatory Product Fee or PCI fee.  In our example below there is an additional Regulatory Product Fee of $4.95 and an AVS (Address Verification System) fee of $6.90.

The "Total Other Fees" are fees that have been collected earlier in the month due to a specific card type that was ran or due to a daily discount that needed to be collected.  In our example there were $11.85 collected during the month.  This will not be included in the Total Fees Due because it has already been collected.   

When totaling all of the fees collectively, you will find the total fees due for that month of processing.

The total fees due in our example above is $309.12.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about your statement, please reference the additional articles here within our Knowledge Base or contact our Customer Support at 1(877)267-4324. 

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