VX520 - How to run a Refund

4.1.8 Refund

You can make a refund at any time.  If you need to undo a transaction at the same day use the REVERSAL instead 

Press MENU F1 and choose REFUND F4 

ENTER AMOUNT: Type the complete amount and press Enter 

PLEASE INSERT OR SWIPE CARD: Insert the card into the chip reader or swipe the card 

CREDIT / DEBIT: Choose the payment method. 

The terminal prints out the merchant’s receipt and asks to print the customer’s receipt. 

Press Enter if you wish to print out the customer’s receipt. 

Otherwise, press Cancel. 


Refund without the card: 

Press F1 when the terminal asks to insert the card. 

The terminal asks for the card number and expiry date. 

The terminal will inform NOT ALLOWED if the card does not allow manual entry.