What is Kount?

  • Introduction to Kount: Kount is a comprehensive suite of fraud detection and prevention solutions for e-commerce businesses. With a large database of fraud signals and indicators, businesses can easily identify potentially fraudulent transactions and prevent fraudsters from settling malicious transactions.
  • The main purpose of Kount is to prevent and reduce the number of chargebacks that your company receives. Other benefits include: payment fraud prevention, new account fraud prevention and account takeover prevention.
  • You can establish and use your own fraud rules with Kount.

Overview of Kount Benefits: -

  • Advanced Fraud Tools help to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before a transaction or verification ever reaches a customer’s bank. With the help of our partner, “Kount”, we use hundreds of fraud detection tests – ranging from device fingerprinting to proxy piercing to analyze each transaction or verification within milliseconds.
  • Our Advanced Fraud Tools offer both standard and custom setups. Kount Standard utilizes rules that we have predetermined, while Kount Custom allows you to directly set your own rules via Kount's back office tools.
  • Advanced Fraud Tools are not set up on your account by default. If you would like to use this feature, you must enable Advanced Fraud Tools in the Control Panel and update your client-side and server-side implementations.

Overview of Kount Features: -

  • Superior mobile fraud detection
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Smart, multi-layer device fingerprinting
  • IP proxy detection and geo-location
  • Transaction and custom scoring Global order linking
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Comprehensive order management

Kount provides four main types of product: -

  1. Kount Complete — Online fraud monitoring for accepting credit and debit cards where the card isn’t present at the point of sale.
  2. Kount Central — Providing fraud protection for credit card payment gateways, payment providers, banks, and ecommerce providers.
  3. Kount Access — Login protection for high-volume account login / creation websites. Designed to prevent malicious hacking into accounts and records.
  4. Kount AI Services — Artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide insights about business performance.

How to setup your “Kount” account in Nexio: -

To set up a “Kount” account, you must be using Nexio or a software product that is integrated to Nexio. For more information, please contact our Nexio sales team. Give a call on 1-877-773-6688

How to use Kount in Nexio?

Nexio utilizes Kount to avoid fraudulent transactions and reduce your number of chargebacks. The fraud tool in Nexio is designed to streamline the approval and denial of potentially fraudulent transactions. To begin your review of the potentially fraudulent transactions, log into your Nexio dashboard and select the "Fraud" tab on the left side of the page.

The Fraud page will display the column headings, search fields, and display the list of transactions in review. The “Manage Kount Rules” link will take you to the “Kount” login page. Once logged in, this is where you will manage your fraud rules.

The column headings can be removed/added with the "+” button to the right of the column headings.

Column Headings:

  • Action: When clicked, allows you to instantly approve or decline the transaction
  • Merchant: This displays merchant name.
  • Date: This displays the date of transaction.
  • Deposit detail ID: This displays the identity number of deposits.
  • Method: This displays the method (cash, card, check) of payment.
  • Card holder: This displays name of the card holder.
  • Card type: This will provide the card brand name that has filed the fraud.
  • Card number: This displays card number.
  • Amount: This is the dollar amount of the fraud.
  • Currency: This will display the currency that the fraud was reported in.
  • Status: This displays transaction status.
  • Auto Approve Time: Transaction will be approved automatically.
  • Type: This displays the type of transaction.
  • Auth code: This displays the authorization number.
  • Order ID: This displays order number.

Each of these heading options can be included in the report by selecting the check mark box to the left of the option.

Additional details of a transaction in review can be viewed by selecting anywhere on that transaction. The details of that transaction are then displayed. This Transaction screen provides the following details about the transaction: Fraud Rules Triggered, Transaction Result, Transaction Information, Payment Method, and Customer Information. You can approve or decline the transaction (Within set of time) from here by selecting the “Decline” or “Approve” options. The “View In Kount” link will take you to the transaction details on the Kount website.

For more information on how to setup or use Kount, visit this website:


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