Credit Card fraud is getting more prevalent within the merchant industry.  In helping our customers be protected from fraud we have established the Fraud Center within the Complete Gateway.  This tab has a compilation of several fraud tools that can be activated to help protect your account.  Below is an introduction for each of these modules.

Log into your Complete Gateway and select the "Fraud Center" tab at the end of the home screen.

A new window will appear with the possibility of having one or multiple file managers to add a fraud module.  The top file manager will be named Universal Fraud Modules.  This file manager will blanket the fraud module settings across the gateway account.  

Additional file managers will be related to API's or Source Keys that are integrated with outside third party software.  For an example you may have a shopping cart attached to your website where you perform sales.  The shopping cart will then be attached to our gateway through a Source Key.  If this is the case you will see a file manager listed as "Shopping Cart".

This file management will allow you to isolate specific fraud modules to specific parts of your business.  For an example you may want the Address Verification tied to your in store sales but not to your online website.  File Management allows you to separate those settings.

Once you have decided where you would like to add the fraud module select the "Add Module" button to open the module selections.

From here you will find several modules that can be used to help mitigate fraud.  Below is a brief description for each module.

Address Response: This module allows you to select which transactions to accept based on the address verification system response. 

Bin Range Blocker: This module allows you to block transactions based on the first 6 digits of the credit card number (the card's BIN). The BIN (Bank Identification Number) is used to identify the bank which issued the credit card. By blocking specific BINs a merchant can block cards from certain countries or card types (such as gift or reward cards). 

Bin Type Blocker: The BIN is the first few digits of a credit card which identifies that type of the card. The BIN Type blocker allows for the system to review the type and block based on whether the card is a Credit or Debit card. This review is done before the card is authorized for the charge amount. 

Block By Card Country: This module allows you to block transactions based on the credit card country of origin. This is performed via a lookup on the credit card BIN number. 

Block By Host or IP: This module will block transactions based on a single IP address (, a range of IPs (, a host address ( or an entire tld (*.jp), domain (* or subdomain (* To use this module your shopping cart software must pass the client ip correctly. To check if your cart is passing the client ip, view the details on a transaction. If an ip is listed next to "Client IP" then you will be able to use this module. 

Card ID Checker: This module allows you to select which transactions to accept based on the result of the card id verification (CVV2, CID, etc).

Card Level Result: This module allows you to select which card level result to accept. Check off the responses that you will accept. All others will return an error. 

Card Types: Only allow credit card types listed. Transactions that are not listed will be blocked. Please note that this does not affect whether your merchant account has support for a specific card type. If you allow a transaction in this fraud module but you do not have support for it, the transaction will still be declined by the processor. Please check with your merchant account provider for more information on which card types you may accept. 

Country Blocker: Blocks or allows transactions based on what country they originate in. The location of the customer is based on their IP address which is checked against our GeoIP database. To use this module your shopping cart must pass the ip address to the gateway. 

Credit Card Blocker: The credit card blocker module checks the credit card number against a list of known bad card numbers and will decline the transaction if the card is found. The merchant can maintain their own list of bad cards as well as use the system provided list. 

Duplicate Detection: This module detects and blocks duplicate transactions. This is useful for shopping carts that do not catch when a user has (accidentally) double clicked on the "order" button. The system uses the last 4 digits of the card number, the transaction amount and the invoice number to determine if a duplicate transaction has been submitted. You must specify the length of time the system will check back for a duplicate transaction. 

Email Blocker: Blocks transactions coming from free webmail servers such as Hotmail and Yahoo. It can also be configured to allow or block specific email addresses or domains. 

Fraud Profiler: This module performs a real time fraud risk assessment of transactions. If the resulting score is over a set threshold, the transaction is blocked. 

Multiple Credit Cards: Block transactions where more then a specified number of different card numbers are attempted on the same order number or from the same ip address. This is useful for blocking people from using your merchant account to test stolen credit card numbers. 

Required Fields: This module allows you to choose which fields are required to process a transaction. Transactions that do not contain the required fields will return an error. Please note, make sure to check if the field you are requiring is available on that source. For example, if you make Shipping Address required on the vterm, all Simple Charge transactions would be rejected. This is because the console does not allow you to enter the Shipping Address in Simple Charge. 

Transaction Amount: This module allows the merchant to define allowable transaction amounts. Any transactions that are not within the defined amounts are blocked. If you only want to specify a minimum but no maximum, enter a * in the maximum field. Like wise, if you only want to specify a maximum but no minimum, enter a * in the minimum field. 

Zip Code Verifier: Verifies that the billing and or shipping zip code matches the state, city and/or area code entered. This will block any garbage data and force customer to enter accurate address information. 

If you have any further questions about our fraud modules, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at 1-877-267-4324 or 

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