Due to security with our financial institutions we are required to provide a signed Address, Phone, Email Change Request Form.  This form can be found attached to this article (located at the bottom) and printed for your convenience.  

Please have the signer on the account complete the form and sign the Signature of Authorized Principal at the bottom of the form.  

Please provide a copy of the signers drivers license.  This is only used for verification of the signature and can be provided through a picture from your cell phone.

Once the form is completed please send a copy to support@cmsonline.com. This copy can consist of a clear picture from your phone for each the change form and drivers license. It is also acceptable to fax the form and additional documentation to 877-537-9485.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at 1-877-267-4324 or support@nexiopay.com. 

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