The chargeback tool in Nexio is designed to simplify working all chargebacks completely online.  This can be done through logging into your Nexio account and selecting the "Chargebacks" tab to the left of the screen.

Once in the chargeback tool you will find a heading that displays a brief glimpse into the history of your merchant account regarding chargebacks.  The first box will display the total dollar amount of chargebacks and the total amount of chargebacks that have been posted by the cards brands within the last 14 days. 

The second section will list the total dollar amount of representments and the total amount of representments that have been posted by the cards brands within the last 14 days.

The final section will list the dollar amount of chargebacks won and the total amount of chargebacks won within the last 14 days.

The lower section of the screen will display the date range, report heading, search or sort functions and details of the chargebacks within the requested date range.

The Reporting Heading can be adjusted with the details button to the right of the heading.  

The additional heading options include the following:

  • Date Posted: This will provide the date of when the chargeback was posted to the processor from the card brands.
  • Merchant: This will display the merchant name.
  • Case Number: This represents the case number assigned to this chargeback.
  • Card Number: This will include a truncated version of the credit card number associated with the chargeback.
  • Card Type: This will provide the card brand name that has filed the chargeback.
  • Amount: This is the dollar amount of the chargeback.  Occasional this amount will not be the same dollar amount of the originally sales transaction.
  • Currency: This will display the currency that the chargeback was reported in.
  • Auth Code: Provides the authorization number associated with the original Sales transaction.
  • Transaction Date: Represents the date of the original sales transaction.
  • Cylce Date: This includes what cycle the chargebacks is in currently.  
    • 1st Initial: The chargeback is in the first state.
    • 2nd Won: The dispute was given in your favor.
    • 3rd Represent: The chargeback has gone through the first initial, won and has been represented to the card brands by the customer.
    • 4th Final: There is a final decision for the chargeback.
  • Dispute Status: this informs you whether the chargeback has been disputed or not.
  • Merchant ID: This will give you the merchant identification number associated with the chargeback
  • Deposit Details ID: If a chargeback is won this will display the deposit details where the funds were returned to.
  • Reason Code: This will represent the reason code associated with the chargeback from the card brands.
  • Reason Description: This will include the description of the reason code provided by the card brands.
  • Dispute By: This is the given date where the chargeback will need to be disputed by.  This date is provided to the processor by the card brands.
  • Order ID: This will include the order ID if there is one associated with the original sales transaction.
  • Card Holder: If included at the time of the original sales transaction, this option will include the name of the card holder associated with the credit card filing for the dispute.
  • Transaction Amount: This will have the total dollar amount being disputed by your customer.

Each of these heading options can be included in the report by selecting the check mark box to the left of the option.

Additional details of a chargeback can be viewed by selecting anywhere on the specific chargeback.  The details of that chargeback is then displayed.  This chargeback screen is also provide details about the chargeback such as the reason code and reason for the chargeback, dollar amount, truncated card number and you can open up the details of the original transaction.

The lower section of the chargeback detail screen is where you can fight the chargeback.  The section to the left is where you will add your dispute comments.  the section to the right is where you can upload your supporting documents.

To learn more about the chargeback tool within the Nexio system please feel free to look in our Knowledge base.  Our Customer Support department can also be reached at 1-877-267-4324.

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