This article will help you understand how to perform a Sale, Refund and Void within your NMI gateway.  Please be aware the NMI is a third party gateway and that CMS does not have controls over some of the aspects of your NMI gateway. 

Once logged into your NMI gateway you will find many of the functionality for your gateway on the left side of the screen under the menu bar.  Next to the Credit Card button there is a drop down, select the drop down to see the Sale, Authorize, Capture, Void and Refund options.


To perform a sale select the Sale option under the Credit Card menu. Enter in your customers information in the provided areas including Billing Information, Shipping Address if applicable and Order Information. The minimum information include the credit card number, expiration date and dollar amount intended to be billed.  Once the information has been included select the "Charge" button at the bottom.

A confirmation screen will appear informing you if the transaction was accepted or declined.


A transaction cannot be voided if it has been settled by the issuing bank.  If the transaction has been settled please continue onto the refund section.

To void a transaction in the NMI gateway go to the Transaction Reports tab in the menu to the left of the screen.  Once the screen has pulled up the "Settlement Batch should be listed at the top with a date range including the current month, select the Submit button.

A list of the most current batches should appear with one listed as "Not Settled".  Select the magnify glass to the left of the batch and select the option "View current transactions".


The not settled transactions will appear within that batch.  These are the current transactions that you are able to void.  Find the Transaction ID of the transaction that you would like to void.  In our example below the transaction ID is 4739740137.

Go back to the Credit Card tab to the left and select the Void section in the drop down.  The Void page will appear asking for the transaction ID.  Input the transaction ID and select the Void button.

A confirmation screen will appear.


To perform a refund go to the menu bar on the left of the screen and select transaction reports.  Search for the transaction that you would like to refund either by going to a specific batch or searching the transaction through the detailed search menu below. Once the transaction is found copy the transaction ID, in our example below it is 4739759993.

Go back to the menu to the left and select the credit cards tab and then the refund option in the drop down.  Insert the transaction ID, amount of the original transaction and select the refund button at the bottom.

A confirmation page will appear with the confirmation of the refund and additional transnational details.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to NMI's help desk at (847)352-4850 or our Customer Support team at (877)267-4324.