It is important to have an accurate business descriptor appear on cardholder statements for purchases from your company. This minimizes retrieval requests and chargebacks from customers who may not recognize the transaction on their credit card statement.

To verify that you are using the merchant name that is most recognizable to the cardholder, consider how your name appears in signage or logos, on your website, advertisements or brochures, or a telephone directory listing. If you are a Card Not Present merchant the billing descriptor should include your Customer Service telephone number so customers can easily contact you with questions about the charge.

To request an update to your Billing Descriptor, complete the Descriptor Change Request form indicating the new descriptor that should appear on customer's credit card statements. The form must be signed by the original signer of the merchant application on the account. State recorded document for your Doing Business As (DBA) name to validate new descriptor may be required to make this change.

Article 36000172132