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The Complete Gateway is an online terminal that facilitates the acceptance of credit card and ACH transactions.  The gateway is also built to integrate with several POS systems including shopping carts through an API or Source Key.  Below is a basic introduction to the Complete Gateway to help you better understand its features and ability. This list is very limited on all of the features the gateway provides, so we encourage that you contact your sales representative for further details.  

Once logged into the Complete Gateway you will find the main dashboard heading with a series of listed at the top.  These tabs include topics such as Home, VTerminal, Sales Form, Customer, Products, Batches, Reports, etc.

The VTerminal tab will provide the option to run a basic credit card transaction.  Additional tabs will appear at the top of the screen with options such as Sales, Check, CheckCredit, Credit, Void, AuthOnly and PostAuth.  To run a sales transaction select the sales tab and input the desired credit card information into the available fields.  If you have a piece of equipment like a credit card swiper, you can also select the "Swipe" button and slide the card through the reader.  Once the information is included in the fields below select the process button to run the transaction.  

The Sales Form tab will also allow you to run a sales transaction. However this tab is different than the VTerminal tab due to the option to include additional detail about your customers.  These additional details can be information such as Comments, Billing Information and Shipping Information. This additional detail will be saved under the Customers tab and allow you to bill for future payments or set up reoccurring monthly billing.  

The Customers tab will allow you to store your customers information in our Secure Vault.  This information can include things such as a regular shipping address, email, customers name, payment history and payment plans.  Our Secure Vault is PCI DSS compliant and secure.

The Batch tab will provide details of the current open batch.  It is possible to see previous batches in this tab by utilizing the Batch drop down menu and selecting any previous batch. The batch details include a brief glimpse of the open transaction(s) for the day, batch totals and the option to export the batch in an excel sheet. Additional information can be found when selecting the "Details" tab to the left of any transaction.

In the transaction details tab you will find the transaction results, transaction information, transaction source and customer information.  To the right you will find additional options such as printing a sales receipt, e-mailing a receipt to your customer and void a transaction.  The Quick Credit and Quick Sale box's to the right will allow you the option to run an additional sales or refund on the original card.  

The Reports tab has a number of pre-built reports that you can use for your basic reconciliation needs.  The Sales by Date report will list all batch sales with a transaction break down for each batch.  The Declines by Date report will display all declines along with the reason for each decline.  The Errors by Date report will allow you to see any errors or possible common errors that occur on your account.  If you do not find a report that fits your needs we also provide a Customer Report section where you can create your own reports.

The Search tab provides two ways to perform a search in the gateway.  The top section allows you to do a more general search such as the last four of a credit card number, customer name, or a portion of a customers address.  The bottom section will allow you to refine your search with details such as the sales/refund amounts, customers name or invoice number.

Once the Settings tab is selected an additional drop down menu will appear with many options on how to set up your gateway.  The Users tab allows the administrator to create additional users to have access to the gateway.  These additional users can be set up with restrictions to certain reports or abilities within the gateway.  

The Source Keys tab allow an administrator to create a Source Key for the use of connecting a shopping cart, generating an API Key or adding a Payment Form.

The Batch Settings section will allow you to include an email address where batch reports or error reports can be sent on a daily basis.  The auto close times are also generated for the gateway to close the batch automatically each day at a specific time.  This time can be adjusted to ensure batch details are sent before the settlement cut off times each day.

The Fraud Center has a number of fraud modules that can be put into place to help protect your merchant account from fraudulent activity.  This is done through either providing additional information at the time of a transaction for verification or restricting different card types or credit cards from being authorized.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the Complete Gateway, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at 1-877-267-4324 or support@nexiopay.com. 

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