This notice is to inform you of a potential compromise related to your PAX Terminal. 


CMS/Nexio was recently made aware of a potential investigation by the FBI of PAX Technology due to a number of cyberattacks in the U.S. and E.U. caused by Malware. To ensure the safety of our customers we are reaching out to everyone with PAX Technology equipment to inform them of this situation. Pax Technology is being investigated for establishing malware dropper and command-and-control locations with their physical terminals. We understand the investigation is still underway and limited information is currently available. CMS has no way to know if your POS or your customers’ information has been compromised. 


CMS/Nexio has reached out to our terminal vendors and they are not aware of any additional updates or information related to PAX Terminals.

 Due to global computer chip shortages, potential delays in obtaining different terminals may be significant. 

If your terminal is integrated into your Point Of Sale system, you may want to reach out to your POS vendor for additional information. 

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FBI Raids Chinese Point-of-Sale Giant Pax Technology

FBI Jacksonville, Homeland Secuirty and other agencies investigating Southside business

Mailing from MasterCard

You may have seen the recent news about Pax Technology, a prominent point-of-sale provider headquartered in China. Today, the Office of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection (OCCIP) issued guidance about Pax Technology’s point-of-sale devices as there are possible risks to customer data confidentiality.  We are passing the attached advisory along in an effort to help you manage the potential risks associated with this event.



Official Statement from CEO Andy Chau with Pax Technology