The Card Brands (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, etc) require that e-commerce merchants clearly disclose information on an e-commerce website that allows Cardholders to clearly understand who they are buying from.

Merchant who sell goods online must display the following:

Business Name and Address

The Merchant’s name – This is typically the Doing Business As name. Cardholders should be able to easily distinguish the merchant from another party, such as a supplier of products or services to the merchant

The merchant’s location -  This is the physical address of the merchant which allows cardholders to easily determine where they are making the purchase.

The merchant name and location displayed to the cardholder must be the same as the name the merchant uses for processing both authorization and clearing transactions.


Return and cancellation policies

Merchants must also provide full return and refund policies as well as cancellation policies. This should be in the sequence of pages before final checkout as an acknowledgement checkbox or button or on the checkout screen near the submit button.  Using solely a link to a separate page is not allowed.

The refund and cancellation policy can also be included on the transaction receipt provided to the card holder.


Card Brand identification

Merchants should include the logos of each of the Card Brands they accept as payment. This should be included in the checkout process so cardholders are aware of their payment options.

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