The following suggestions will help prevent damage to your credit card terminal:

• Keep your terminal away from liquids, food, and heat.

• Do not drop your terminal.

• Do not put anything in the slots of the terminal that do not belong within them.

• Store the terminal behind a locked door when your facility is closed or not in use.

• Do not open the back of the terminal for any reason.

• Do not take out the battery for any reason.

• Plug the terminal into a surge protector.

Not following the above suggestions may result in deleted transactions/batches or damage to the terminal. CMS will not be liable for those transactions if the terminal is not handled correctly.

Suggestions to prevent the terminal from being stolen or from unauthorized transactions being processed:

• Be aware of the terminal’s position within the store.

• Have the terminal out of sight from store windows and doors.

• Do not lend your terminal to any friends, relatives, or other individuals.

• If you have a wireless terminal, have a carrying case to keep it concealed and protected from harm.

• If a wireless terminal needs to be in your car unattended, please keep it hidden from sight.

Please feel free to download a copy of the Merchant Handbook for your records.

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