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To describe how to obtain the Authorize.Net API credentials needed for Nexio processing and reporting.

Locating API credentials in Authorize.Net

The credentials you use to log in to Authorize.Net are not the same as the API credentials you will need to give Nexio for processing and reporting. Authorize.Net API credentials include:

  • API Login ID
  • Transaction Key

Note that the Transaction Key is shown only once upon being generated in Authorize.Net's User Interface (UI). A new Transaction Key can be generated, but this causes any existing Transaction Key to expire in 24 hours. Make sure you know who the Transaction Key has been given to before creating a new key. You may need to provide this new key to anyone who previously had your Transaction Key.

1. Log in to the Authorize.Net merchant portal using your login credentials.

2. Under 'Account' in the left menu, select 'Settings'.

3. Under 'General Security Settings', select 'API Credentials & Keys'.

4. The API Login ID can be found on the page as shown below.

5. Reminder:  This key will be shown only once and cannot be viewed again.

Giving these Credentials to CMS

In order for CMS to configure Nexio to receive your Authorize.Net transaction information, you will need to provide your API Login ID and your Transaction Key to CMS. Contact CMS support at (801) 623-4000 and provide these credentials to a Support Technician and they will be able to configure your Nexio account properly.

Again, the API credentials are called:

  • API Login ID
  • Transaction Key

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