Attention: This article will include a statement example but that will not represent your personal merchant account statement.

The merchant statement is where you can find the fees associated with the merchant credit card processing.  The statement is mailed through the United States Postal Services within the first week of every month to the mailing address associated with the merchant account.  You can also get a digital copy of your statement by logging into your Nexio account.  If you do not have a Nexio account call into our Customer Support team at 1(877)267-4324 to have an account created.  If you need your account password reset you can call into our Customer Support team at 1(877)-267-4324 or see the article "Nexio, Reset Password" here in the knowledge base.

To get a digital copy of your statement log into your Nexio account and select the "Statement" tab on the left of the screen.

A list of available months will be displayed including an icon to download a copy of the statement associated with that month.  

Once downloaded you will find a header including your business name, business address, month ending date, amount of pages, etc.  The first section has the header "Attention" and will list details such as industry updates, card brand suggestions and tips on how to keep your merchant account safe.  This section will continually be updated as new information is provided through the card brands.  Below is an example of this section.

Following the attention section will have the total charge to your merchant account.  This total will represent what will be debited out of the bank account associated with the merchant account.

The next heading is the "Summary of Card Deposits", this will have a list of each card type including the total amount of credit cards ran, the sales amount, total returns and Net totals. Please note that there is a star next to all funds that will be deposited by the card issuer.  In the example below American Express indicates that the funds under this card brand will be processed and deposited by American Express.

The "Summary of Card Fees" will be the following section and include a list of fees associated with each card brand and card type(s).  For a further definition of these fees please search "Fee Definition" in this knowledge Base or select the link.  The "Summary of Card Fees" section is broken up by each card brand including the total fees associated with each brand.  This section may continue to the following page depending on how many card brands you accept with your merchant account.  

In the below example you can see the representation of MasterCard, American Express (Amex), Visa, VS OFLN DB (Visa Offline Debit) and DCVR ACQ (Discover Acquiring).  To the right you will find the total fee for each card brand during that month.

The total card fees are added up and included at the bottom of this section listed as "Total Card Fees". In our example the Total Card Fees are listed as $255.90

After the Summary of Card Fees is the "Summary of Miscellaneous Fees".  This section will have a break down of the total charges to the account, beginning with total card fees, any miscellaneous fees and ending with the total charges for the month.  In our example the total card fees is $255.90 with a batch header of $2.40, Statement Fee of $5.00 and Regulatory Product Fee of $4.95.  The total charge is also summarized at the bottom representing $268.25.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about your statement please reference the additional articles here within our Knowledge Base or contact our Customer Support at 1(877)267-4324.

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