There have been many questions around American Express Opt Blue that we want to address.  In doing so we found a website directly with American Express that is very educational.  Some of the information and website is listed below.

What is OptBlue and how does it work?

With OptBlue, American Express has changed the way they do business. Third-party providers sign a contract directly with eligible businesses to enable American Express® Card acceptance. The program also acts as an all-in-one solution with one statement, one deposit and one servicing contact for all the major card brands you accept. That means less paperwork and a simplified back-end process. 

Am I eligible to accept American Express Cards through OptBlue?

U.S. small businesses that have an estimated American Express charge volume of less than $1MM per year can be eligible to accept through OptBlue. Certain industry and franchise restrictions apply. 

How much does American Express charge businesses for OptBlue Acceptance?

Since American Express no longer sets the rates,  they are typically the same rates that you would find with the other card brands.  

What are some of the benefits having American Express OptBlue?

Several benefits of having American Express OptBlue include Quicker payments, One simple statement, better rates and Customer Support being supported by one team with all of the major card brands. 

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