Instructions for the Ipp320 terminal 


Unboxing the terminal: 


Unbox the terminal, you will find two cords. A power cord and an ethernet cable. The power cord and ethernet cable will connect together. You will then need to plug the power cord to an outlet and the ethernet cable to the modem or router. After the cord and cable are plugged in, make sure they are also plugged into the device. 


Once the terminal and cords are all plugged in, the terminal will automatically run the updates to begin using. Once the welcome screen on the device says ‘powered by Zeamster’ it is ready to be connected to your management software.  


Connecting the terminal to your management software: 


When you are in your management software on the payment screen, you will see a drop down that will list out the available terminals for your merchant account. The drop down will have the labeled terminal and serial number of the device listed. You will want to make sure that the option in the dropdown corresponds with the label that is listed on the back of your terminal. Example: (Terminal 1, 25036468).


Running a test transaction: 


Once you have selected the terminal in the dropdown, your device is ready for use. You can run a test transaction by creating a fake invoice for $1.00. Once you run the transaction, and it is successful, you will receive an approval code. You can then void the transaction in your management software, so the test transaction does not batch out and complete a charge to the card. 


For any further troubleshooting or questions, please reach out to our Technical Support Team at 877.267.4324 opt 2 or submit a ticket via email at


This terminal offers the following features: EMV chip reader, Contactless pay, and Google Pay.