The Complete Gateway is an online terminal that facilitates the acceptance of credit card and ACH transactions.  The gateway is also built to integrate with several POS systems including shopping carts through an API or Source Key.  

This article will focus on how to run a Sale transaction within the Complete Gateway.  

Once logged into the Complete Gateway you will find a series of tabs listed below the CG (Complete Gateway) banner on the screen. A basic sales transaction can be made when selecting the VTerminal tab.

Once the VTerminal tab is selected you will find an additional series of tabs will appear listed as Sales, Credit, Void, AuthOnly and PostAuth.  The screen will automatically be set to Sale where you will want it to be when running a basic sales transaction.

Enter in the customers information in the available sections.  If the credit card is present and you have a piece of equipment attached to your computer through a USB drive, select the Swipe button and slide the card through the swiper.  

An approved or decline message will appear as seen above.  If approved you will have the options to run a New Transaction, Batch Manager (viewing your open batch) or Print a Receipt.

You can confirm the transaction by selecting the Batches tab and view the details of the transaction.

If you have any further questions on how to run a sale transaction within the Complete Gateway, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at 1-877-267-4324 or

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