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To provide troubleshooting steps for common issues with the VX520 payment terminal.

Locked Keyboard

  • From the Sale/Refund/Void screen press number 8
  • Enter the password "1, ALPHA Key, ALPHA Key, 66831"
  • Select "No" in the lock keyboard? screen

Print Out Report

  • Press the far left purple button below the arrow
  • Press F2 to print the settlement (this will print out the report for the batch)

Void Transaction

  • press red X to get to the (Sale/Refund/Void Screen)
  • press f4 for void
  • Press yes to void the last transaction and no to select a different transaction
  • select invoice number if you have receipt
  • select acct number to use the last 4 of the card/account number
  • Press yes to confirm the void

What to do if the screen says CommServer/SOFTPAY-FDMS

This is the first screen you come to when turning on the terminal.  

  • Press F3 to get to the Sale/Refund/Void Screen
  • Press * if you are in the VCS ethernet screen and then F3 to get to the Sale/Refund/Void screen
  • Terminal support outside of CMS business hours - 800-228-0210

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