In alignment with security requirements set by our financial institutions, a signed 'Doing Business As' (DBA) Change Request Form is mandatory for any alterations to your DBA information. You can find this form attached to this article (located at the bottom) for easy printing and accessibility.

Steps for Updating DBA Information:

Form Completion: The authorized signer on the account is required to fill out the form. Ensure that the "Signature of Authorized Principal" section at the bottom of the form is signed.

Detailed Information: Please provide comprehensive details related to the DBA change. This includes filling out any additional sections on the form that pertain to your business change.

Verification Document: For a DBA change, it is imperative to submit a government-issued document (such as a state or IRS document) that verifies the new business name.

Submission of DocumentsOnce you have completed the form, please forward a copy to . You can send a clear picture of the change form taken with your phone, or alternatively, you may fax the form along with any additional required documentation to 877-537-9485.

Support and AssistanceShould you have any queries or require further assistance regarding this process, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team at 1-877-267-4324 or via email at

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