Credit card fraud is an unfortunate part of the current merchant life cycle. We recommend you implement the following practices to help mitigate the risk of fraud:

• Do not complete a transaction if the authorization request was declined. Do not repeat the authorization request after receiving a decline.

• If you receive a “call” message, call the authorization center and follow instructions.

• Ensure you obtain a signed receipt for all card-present transactions. Always compare the signature on the receipt with the signature on the back of the card.

• Ensure that all transactions entered in error, are voided immediately.

• If your establishment has policies regarding merchandise returns, refunds, or service cancellation, disclose these policies to the cardholder at the time of the transaction.

• When refunding a customer, always process the credit on the same card that was used for the original sale.

If you believe that a transaction is questionable, contact us at 1-877-267-4324 option 2 for assistance.

Please feel free to download a copy of the Merchant Handbook for your records.

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