It is important that CMS has the correct business bank account information on file. This will ensure you are paid in a timely manner and account fees are collected seamlessly.

If you have need to change your business bank account information, CMS requires the following:

  • Bank Account change request form (see attached file)
  • Copy of merchant account signer’s drivers license
  • Copy of a voided check from the new bank account

If your business bank account does not have physical checks, please send in the banking information on bank letterhead, signed by a bank official.

Some banks are more restrictive than others when allowing fees to be debited from a business account and may require a code from CMS to allow for these debits. A best practice is to call your bank and ask them if there is a restriction on your business account and do they need the code from CMS.  If they do not have this requirement, no other action is needed. If the bank does require a code, please contact CMS.

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