1. On the payment screen, select the Payment Plan tab.

2. Select “Create New” and then “Add Card”


3. Fill out your Customer/Patient’s card information and select “Save”.*

*You cannot save a CVV code in the payment plan for PCI compliance. 

4. Once you have saved the card, you’ll be back on the Pay Plan screen. Make sure the card is selected, then click “Next”

5. In the Plan Options screen, you’ll be able to adjust this customer/patient’s plan.

In this screen you’ll be able to set up the schedule for the duration of the payment plan. Selecting “custom” lets you select a certain day of every month instead of a start date.

Payment plans will stop charging the customer/patient’s cards once the number of payments entered in the “Duration” field are complete. By selecting “Subscription”, the payment will be ongoing until canceled manually.

After clicking “Next”, you’ll get a summary of the plan created and you will be able to go back and make changes before saving.

Once saved, you can access any payment plans by clicking on the “Pay Plan” tab in the plugin after refreshing.